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"Eternally Free websites are so easy to build!"

Yep, that's right, and with so much choice out there, it's difficult to know which service to choose. Some come with important limitations that you don't appreciate until later and then the costs start ratcheting up!

Some give you lots of functionality, but have a steep learning curve to get your head around and eventually, that burst of energy you felt in the early days starts to wane and the website starts collecting tumbleweed!

You know that to build an effective free website, one that actually does something and is easy to use, is a very different kettle of fish!

You know this because you've probably spent many late nights over weeks and months studying YouTube and searching on Google trying to piece it all together. It's so frustrating!

You probably made a nice looking website, one you were proud of and family and friends were impressed by. But... the phone still didn't ring and it just sat there 'self-isolating' in its own little world!

I promise I know your pain. I remember my early days... and all that stress!

Making the phone ring and selling stuff online is very easy to say, but so, so difficult to do... unless you have personal guidance from somebody knowledgeable and who cares.

Eternally free web builder software

That's where Eternally Free comes in...

The Eternally Free Launch Programme is a series of three online learning modules using the very best free (or low cost) resources to help you create the best web presence possible for your business.

Getting it right now will save you so much time, many late nights and heart-ache moving forward. I know, I've been there!

Do your learning on an easy to use, free platform so you don't have to worry about wasting money - just pay for the teaching. Eternally Free will give you a powerful template on the first module for you to transform into your own website as you learn. The best of all worlds!

Book onto the Eternally Free Launch Programme if:

  1. You don't yet have a website and want to learn how to do it properly, without wasting time & money.

  2. You already have a website but want to make it work for you.

  3. You want your sales or customer services team to be web savvy so they can better support the company's marketing effort. It will pay dividends!

  4. You want to make websites as a hobby for local clubs or charities.

The Eternally Free Launch Programme will guide you through everything with personal advice, supportive feedback and secret shortcuts, tips & hints. It also includes tasks you need to do away from your website so it can be found by the right kind of people who you can encourage to become customers. Importantly, it will be your site, in your name and with no-one asking you for renewal fees.

Eternally Free web design support with Zoom

In effect, the Eternally Free Launch Programme will help you learn how to create a wider strategic web presence, not just a website. All done at your pace, in between the kids, the partner and all the other stuff that often takes over. I understand!

Don't waste time, do it now, make it effective! >>> Launch

With my support,

your website will be live in minutes - 100% guaranteed!

Eternally Free promise...

Your website will be launched during the first learning module, ready for you to refine with my further support.

The modules will be delivered at your speed, but you will have completed Module 1 (at least) within 30 days and able to ascertain the quality of the service.

30 day guarantee

However, if you are not satisfied, for whatever reason, I will refund your investment in full.

No quibble!

No fuss!

If you're not happy, I'm not happy!

Eternally Free sample sites

Bronte Adventures in Haworth, Yorkshire

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