Website Plan, Prep & Propel

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To create your own website, I will give you a powerful template that will transform with your own images, text, etc. I will also guide you through three learning modules to help you create a much wider web presence so it will be found and pro-actively generate leads and sales!

Launch Programme Module 1 - Plan


  • Strategic review and plan the web journey

  • Transfer of a six page powerful template to you

  • Discover what keywords people are searching for in Google to find your kind of business

  • How to prepare and manage images

  • How to add pages, text, images and other features

  • Launch your website, just to warm the burner!

  • Plan your next steps...

Website support with Zoom

Launch Programme Module 2 - Prep


  • Review of your website & prepare to boost

  • How to add features like Google Maps, videos, buttons, carousels, forms and other tools that will be useful to customers

  • How to register your web address and point it to your website

  • Understand your email options

  • Pre-flight checks, while holding your nerve!

  • Plan your next steps...

Website Google Analytics

Launch Programme Module 3 - Propel


  • Review of your website & propel sky high

  • How to get found on the internet

  • How to get inbound links, and why

  • How to promote your website

  • How to monitor your website and traffic

  • Plan your next steps...

  • When you are ready, I will review your website again before releasing the rope to set you free. Setting the burner to full will propel you up, up & away!

Website Launch Programme FAQs

What do I get from you?

The Launch Programme gives you a powerful web presence and understanding, not just a website

My support includes:

An initial strategic review of your business. Many people discover something new and sharpen their thinking!

Keyword analysis of what people are actually searching for in Google about your type of business. It's important!

Six key pages set up with a template ready for you to complete, with my help. You can add many more pages as you need them.

Help to register your own web address (also called domain or URL) and to 'verify' it with Google that you (not me) own it.

Important free tools to help create, promote and monitor your website and wider web presence.

Bring your website to life with video and audio.

How to make social media easy.

Convert visitors into customers.

Selling online.

Industry secrets and tricks that most people are not aware of or ignore. Some are very important!

A supportive, patient mentor to lean on who's been there and learnt the hard way. I understand what it's like to start up and am firmly on your side.

On-going platform support should you ever need it.

Can I customise my website?

You bet!

You will have full control over all images, copy (wording), layout and other areas of the website that will transform the template I set up for you to exactly how you would like it. I will give you my positive, supportive feedback, but you will make all the key decisions.

Will it have advanced features?


All such web design platforms have limitations and compromises, often to make it easier for people, but you will be able to add all kinds of features and functions into your site. Take a look at these example websites to see them in action. Want more bells & whistles? Just ask.

Will it have a blog?

If you want one, yes

Adding fresh content to your website will radically help your rankings in Google and give users many more reasons to return.

But, how many websites have you visited with empty or out-dated information? If you are to create a blog, or anything for that matter, do it well and do it regularly, or please don't do it at all.

In my opinion a small, concise website with simple, clear messages is much better than to large hollow website with 'tumble weed' content. You decide.

Can I sell products online?


If you have a small number of products or services, you can simply add PayPal buttons to sell them online.

If you needed more than this, full shopping cart functionality and customer logins, you can simply link to an external, dedicated shopping platform (not included in this service).

Will my website be mobile friendly?


At least half of all searches and web traffic are made via mobile phones and your website will be 'responsive' to all such devices.

Will it have my own web address?


You will purchase a custom domain name (web address) for £10 per year paid to the registrar (not me).

I will then show you how to configure it to work with your website and inform to Google that you are the owner.

Do I get a professional email address?


There are various options and we will discuss what's best for you.

Will it be found in Google?


But... despite all the spammer emails you get about getting you onto the top of page one of the Google search results, no-one except Google can guarantee this - even though they say they do.

It all depends on what you do with your site, how it is 'optimised', what Google thinks of you, how competitive your keywords are and a whole bunch of other stuff not worth mentioning at this stage.

It's easy to get top rankings with obscure keywords that nobody is searching for and that competitors don't care about, but what's the point?

We will target keywords that will be important to you, but do so in context of your overall web presence, not just your website. It's a fascinating topic in itself, so be warned, you may become hooked like me!

How else will customers find it?

Wherever we can get it

You will not only learn how important your website is, but that it is just one component of a larger web presence you will need for it to be effective.

There's lots of work to be done here but you'll love it once you know how.

Do I need technical knowledge?


No coding skills or technical knowledge is required to launch or manage your website. All the hard work has been done by the Google developers (who we love), so you can just concentrate on the marketing bits you most enjoy.

You will hear plenty of industry terminology and thinking, but I will guide you through this.

If you have any deign skills, that would be great, but again, there are ways to help you create stunning imagery for your website.

How will the support be delivered?

With a great deal of patience!

After the initial telephone consultation where I find out about your ambitions for your business, the three learning modules are delivered via Zoom and with short videos that you can stop and replay many times.

Depending on the time, the main sections of the modules will be in a small group or 2 or 3 people. You will learn from others too.

During the sessions, I will share my screen and answer questions as we go. At key points, you will learn how to create pages, add text, images and other functions.

At the end of the first session, we will publish your website and agree on the next steps for you to take before starting the next module. I will be available via email or Whatsapp for other quick questions should you need me.

When you've completed the three modules and made your final amendments, I will review your website and give you positive feedback on how it can be improved and why. I am on your side don't forget!

By then, you will be much more knowledgeable than when you started and ready to take on the competition!

Your website may serve you for many years and just need nurturing with new content.

But eventually, your business may grow in a different direction and you may decide to employ the services of a professional web designer to build it and continue your journey to the next level. You will definitely be able to communicate better with them, and probably be a whole lot more appreciative of what they do for you quietly behind the scenes. That too would be a fantastic success!

What tools will we use?

Free and low-cost tools!

There are lots of choices out there for building websites on a budget and most have their limitations an compromises. I've used most of them and am choosing simple and free as my two main criteria to teach you. You can learn and launch without the worry of numerous monthly fees.

Whatever platform you use, you still need to set it up correctly and know what you're doing to make the phone ring and sell stuff, and that's what the Launch Programme is really about. Empowering you.

Wordpress, for example, is a great platform and gives tonnes of functionality, widgets and gizmos. If you can think of it, you can pretty much build it in Wordpress. However, some complain that there's too much of a learning curve for them and are put off.

Wix is also great and provides beautiful templates to choose from. But, and there's always a but, to make Wix sites 'effective', you really need to upgrade to the paid-for services and they can all start to add up.

Simple and free is the way to go for now - with all the limitations that brings - and that's the compromise you need to understand. Less functionality, but easy to learn and use.

Getting found in Google and being able to communicate your message effectively WILL make the phone ring and sell stuff. So as a marketer, simple is good. I want you concentrate on the customer and the message, not the widgets or being pretty, though you will create a nice site.

We will therefore use Google's own web development platform for this and the following reasons:

  • It's Google! Like them or loathe them, they know a thing or two and who knows what they'll add soon?

  • The platform, hosting, SSL certificate, security and other updates, etc are all free and there's nothing for you to do or to pay for. This may change in the future, but if it does, I don't expect it will be much.

  • Registering a domain with them is quick, low cost and is easy to verify.

  • Google owns YouTube and integrates seamlessly with Maps, Calendar and all the Drive functions such as Docs, Sheets, Forms, Images, etc.

  • It's designed as a collaborative tool, so with your permission, I or somebody else can access your website and straighten things out if you need it.

  • They provide platform support and have a large Google community you can join to seek answers to queries.

We will also use many of the best free tools available on the internet to launch, manage and monitor your website. These will be revealed during the learning modules as and when we need them. Lots to learn, but all in good time...

What's the catch?

There isn't one!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but in this case, it is true!

It will be your website, in your name, with you in full control and free to make your own choices. All the other web accounts you will create to promote and monitor your website will be in your name too.

To give you an example, if I was to build you a six page powerful website and wider web presence to really turbo charge your business, the cost would start at £2,000, depending on the requirement. Please get in touch if that's what you prefer.

But, this is an opportunity for you to learn everything yourself and develop it further as your business develops. I want to empower you and stop you from wasting loads of time and money. I want to set you eternally free!

Can I pay by installments?


If funds are tight, especially after the Lockdown, you can spread the payments and launch your site for just £160. The two subsequent payments will be made before you start each of the two following learning modules.

To pay now, go to Launch.

Should I use this service?

The Eternally Free Launch Programme is ideal if:

  • You don't yet have a website and want to learn how to do it properly, without wasting time & money.

  • You already have a website but want to make it work for you.

  • You want your sales or customer services team to be web savvy so they can better support the company's marketing effort. It will pay dividends!

  • You want to make websites as a hobby for local clubs or charities.

When can I start?

Launch Programmes are run monthly, though if you need to get going at different dates or times, please get in touch.

2020 Programme Dates

JUNE: 4th - module 1, 11th - module 2, 18th - module 3

JULY: 2nd - module 1, 9th - module 2, 16th - module 3

AUGUST: 6th - module 1, 13th - module 2, 20th - module 3

SEPEMBER: 3rd - module 1, 10th - module 2, 17th - module 3

OCTOBER: 1st - module 1, 8th - module 2, 15th - module 3

NOVEMBER: 5th - module 1, 12th - module 2, 19th - module 3

DECEMBER: 3rd - module 1, 10th - module 2, 17th - module 3

Each module starts at 7pm (GMT) and lasts for approx 2 hours.